Sunday, April 1, 2018

3-31 to 4-1-2018 Paranda Fest

During the day there was a big party at Ella's Cool Spot, so we checked that out briefly.

Some friends tried this "tonic wine" and promptly threw away their bottle because it tasted like
cough syrup, lol!

We didn't stay too long because we wanted to take naps and save our energy to stay up all night for the main concert.
There wasn't as big a crowd this year because of the competing concert at Ella's Cool Spot. Apparently it was mostly the
"older crowd" that wanted to listen to traditional music. Most of the younger people were at the other concert that featured
music you might hear on the radio.

Lloyd Augustine - a favorite.

We stayed up all night long until the end.

We found and partied with the mother of Jess Flores, an amazing musician we were lucky enough to know for a couple of
brief years before his early passing.
This was our fourth year at this concert, and it was wonderful as always.

Sights on the walk home for naps...

Beautiful sunrise.

Later that afternoon we went back to Ella's Cool Spot to check out her concert.

Things were definitely popping there!

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