Saturday, June 23, 2018

6-23-2018 Jake's Day

So we took our nephew out for a day of doing whatever he wanted.  We called it Jake's day in honor of Jake! 

Jake has a goat so we started the day by pushing a branch down to his mouth level

Our first stop was Wesselman Park.  They have a large stand of old growth timber and some cool trails and a nice nature center.

Jake doesn't normally go hiking, but was enthusiastic.

There had been a lot of rain and the woods was very lush and green

After the hike we headed to the batting cage

Then we headed to the trail on the river.  It is nice to watch the barges go by

We stumbled on a guy getting ready to ride his penny farthing

Jake brought his rollerblades and we walked

They have a very nice trail on the Evansville Riverfront

Although I have no pictures, we finished off the day by eating some Mexican food and then going to Lics for some Choco Bites.

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