Sunday, August 12, 2018

8-12-2018 Walked around Downtown Indy

On Sunday there is no parking meter enforcement, so if the weather cooperates a walk around downtown Indianapolis is really interesting.

We parked near the Canal.  The Canal spans for a mile from 10th street south to market street.  The canal dumps into the White River at White River State Park.

This was the first time I have seen mass poke man activity.  The craze was peaking when we were in Belize.  It was a nice day and there were hundreds of poke manners out and about.

The canal is really a great place to walk or bike

The west side of the Indiana State Museum features a mammoth exhibit that people can climb on

it isn't very great, but you have to turn the crank to power a little speel about the mammoths

We walked for miles and miles and took in the views

This is the 0-0 point of Indianapolis.  All addresses in the city reference the distance from this monument in their address.

The monument is dedicated to Hoosiers that fought in war

We sorta circled around so here is the Canal again

This is the Congressional Medal of Honor memorial that commemorates recipients from 15 different conflicts.

The Downtown area is filled with nice bike trails. 

This is the north end of the Canal

We ended the night with some Indian food.  We used a coupon and got half price!

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