Thursday, August 16, 2018

8-16-2018 walked around Broad Ripple

Just Cara and Eric walked around Broad Ripple.  We nearly didn't go, but the forecast looked like there was a break in the rain so we decided to get some exercise. 

We were greeted with a rainbow as we found our free parking spot.  Broad ripple is mostly metered parking....but free if you walk an extra 2 blocks.

I saw this rack and it says James Baroud envasion.  I took the picture to see what it was.  It is a tent on top of your car and the website didn't list the price.....seems odd?

the local art work is always fun to look at

this is a view of the canal leaving broad ripple....that is broad ripple at the end can barely see it.

another view of the canal past broad ripple

This is from noodles and company and is their new zucchini noodles

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