Thursday, August 2, 2018

8-2-2018 Biked to Shakespeare at White River State Park

We headed out for about a 20 mile bike trip to Indianapolis Downtown.  The trip is mostly all on designated bike only trails.  There was a free performance by a Shakespeare troupe.

If you look closely they have scaffolding on that government building past the fountain

Beautiful view of the Canal from the bridge

The next three pictures are of this free library

There are a bunch of these artistic free libraries sprinkled around everywhere

Take a book or give a book

This is taking place at White River State Park by the river.  The seats are terraced with limestone.

There were several food trucks on site

This gives a better look at the stage

They even had a wine truck!

The grounds are really beautiful and you get a good view of the skyline

The performance is right over the hill there

Just one more shot of the skyline

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