Wednesday, August 22, 2018

8-22-2018 to 8-29-2018 Turkey Run State Park

We do a website called and it is a very beautiful place.  We streetviewed the roads and you can see that using regular google streetview…...if you look down in the 360 image you will see Eric's head.  Here is a link to the Streetview 

Below are some random images from our week. 

We had a nice compact campsite.  It rained a lot during the week.

This is a picture of the Turkey Run State Park inn

The suspension bridge crosses Sugar Creek and most of the trails are on the opposite side of the river to the main park

This is probably the best canoeing river in Indiana.  It is a little muddy because it rained the previous day and night

Another picture of the iconic Suspension bridge....They said that during the last big flood a big tree got stuck on the bridge

We went during the week and nobody was there on this day

The trails are breathtaking and you are in deep canyons

This shows the ups and downs on this particular lop trail

This is the covered bridge that is on the East border of the park

I am looking through the covered bridge to the new road bridge

We went on a tour of the Lusk Home.  The Lusk family saved this land and helped to form one of the first Indiana State Parks

This was our camera saw his beard as the same color as the wood I guess?

This is another view of the Lusk Home

On Saturday the Park campground was full.  It had been raining a lot anyway so we got the cheap cabin from one of our customers.

This was the inside which had hospital beds for all your needs

When we had to do big uploads for the streetview we hung out here and played pinball.  This is in the Turkey Run Inn

Lots of butterflies and wildlife

We ate a lot of fresh farmers market fare

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