Saturday, August 4, 2018

8-4-2018 Indiana Paddlers Rendezvous

Every year on the first weekend in August is the Indiana Paddlers Rendezvous, held near Lafayette on Wildcat Creek.  The event is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday paddling and frivolity.  We could only make it for Saturday evening and get in a Sunday Paddle.

This overlooks the confluence of the South Fork (on the right) and the North Fork of Wildcat Creek

Every year they have an auction on Saturday night.  It is a good way to swap gear and help a good cause.

They have an auctioneer, 2 runners and 3 bookkeepers and still it takes hours to auction off the stuff

On Sunday at 9 we assemble for shuttle instructions.  We are gonna all stage our cars at the end.

There they are lined up for the shuttle

This is a picture of the access point

Zora had a good time in her pretty yellow boat

The weather was really beautiful

This is the lunch spot

Soft sand beaches

The water was clear on the Wildcat and we saw a lot of fish

This is the sandbar that is created when the Wildcat dumps into the Wabash

These are the houses right across from the take out point on the Wabash River at Davis Ferry. One of the boats had a funny
giant duck float on it.

This is a picture of the Davis Ferry access site

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