Wednesday, August 8, 2018

8-8-2018 walked around downtown Indianapolis

Indianapolis downtown has become a good place to live again.  In the late 60s Indianapolis downtown was fractured by 2 Interstates and people moved out.  It is nice to walk around and see the changes since we had been there.

The Capital building is undergoing a renovation

The Capital building is very beautiful and the whole downtown district has a lot to see and do.  Just a block west of here starts  

This was how the sunset looked over the capital building....the picture doesn't show what we saw

Another shot of the sunset which came out a little better

We used a to score 2 meals and 2 drinks for 15 bucks

This is a picture of the new $700,000 condos.  You cant read it, but it says "A new definition in Luxury Living.  11 Bespoke residences.  7500 square feet of living and 9500 square feet of office space.   I did not know what the word bespoke meant.  Bespoke means custom made for you.  It is a seldom used word.  Here is the link for the history of the word.  I guess if you don't know what the word means you cant afford the 700k.

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