Wednesday, October 24, 2018

10-24-2018 Walking Downtown Indy and Fountain Square

It was a nice, sunny day so we headed to Fountain Square in the late afternoon to walk around. We liked how they painted
this utility box and pole to look steampunk. 

We also like and almost always stop at the new little "park" / viewpoint that is on the hill between the northbound and
southbound lanes of the highway. This is another view of it that we haven't photographed before.
We walked into downtown Indy and saw this huge new area (partially done) with businesses and residences. We realized
how much this will be like the "Pearl" district of Portland, Oregon when it is finished.

We continued into the heart of downtown. The National FFA Convention is going on, so there were blue jacketed future
We walked back to Fountain Square and shared a yummy Thai peanut curry dish at Siam Square.

We also enjoyed some jazz at Square Cat Vinyl. (Yes, they still sell vinyl records.)

They also have a bar AND all ages seating for events - nice!

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