Tuesday, December 25, 2018

12-25-2018 Christmas in Hopkins

A tradition on Christmas in Belize is to walk around visiting family and friends, who will offer you some rumpopo (similar to eggnog) or something to eat. We didn't exactly make the rounds, though we did stop by and see a couple of friends.

At Dean and Janine's they had "A Christmas Story" playing, which is a movie that Cara must see at least once for it to seem
at all like Christmas. They also provided us and other visitors with delicious food and homemade apple pie moonshine.

Their home was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Still, it's hard for it to exactly feel like Christmas when this is your view outside. (Sorry, not trying to rub it in - just saying...)

Later we all headed over to our friend Janette's place for a private Christmas pot-luck dinner.

We were treated to a Jankunu (Wanaragua) performance, which is also a tradition here in the Garifuna villages like Hopkins.

The dancers and drummers made their way around the village giving performances at different gatherings (and getting
tipped for it, as they should be).

Jankunu is a big deal here, and they have annual competitions for the youth and adults in nearby Dangriga Town.

There were lots of people at this event, with lots of good food, as usual.

Our friends Emma and Amanda, with Emma's awesome parents Juan and Lena.

Our friend Ruxandra was nice enough to take a couple pictures of us looking somewhat dressed up. (Thanks, Ruxi!)

We never try any filters, but Ruxi does, and this one looked cool.

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