Sunday, December 30, 2018

12-29-2018 Annual Foosball Tournament at Windschief Beach Bar

The tournament started with doubles, but there were only three teams playing, and it went super fast, with Matt & Trevor kicking everyone's butts. Thus, we failed to get any photos of the doubles games. So, here are photos of the (double elimination) singles games:

Trevor vs. Jonathan

Matt vs. Josh

Pam vs. Eric

Had to include this one just because it has Trevor holding his super adorable son, Erei.

Oli vs. Luckie

Josh vs. Pam

Oli vs. Jonathan

A video camera over the foosball table allowed it to be shown live in the bar for all to see.

Trevor vs. Luckie

Eric vs. Matt

Luckie vs. Pam

Matt vs. Oli

Trevor vs. Eric

Oli vs. Luckie

Final game - Oli vs. Eric
In singles you had to win 2 out of 3 games, and most matches took all 3 games and went down to the last point in each!

2018 Championship results were the same as 2017! Doubles champs were Matt & Trevor, and the Singles Champ was Eric!

Matt receives his winning T-shirt from Pam.

Pam with Trevor wearing his winning T-shirt.

Eric receiving his winning T-shirt from Oli.

All of us (minus Cara who took the photo) who stuck it out until the bitter end.

We were rewarded with shots of Jagermeister (or a beer for the non-shot-takers).

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