Sunday, February 10, 2019

2-10-2019 Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival

Instead of our normal beach walk in Hopkins, we went with friends Pam and Oli to Placencia
for the Sidewalk Art Festival.

We were surprised to find real electric bikes for rent there.

We had lunch at Barefoot Bar, and Eric, Amon and Pam played some cards.

It was busy there, and we ran into several friends from Hopkins.

Even the band playing there, Tropical Vibes, was from Hopkins!

Tipsy Tuna, a popular bar in Placencia, now has a sign for photo ops. It's getting even more touristy here!

The steel drum band, Pannerifix, was really nice.

Fun things for the kids to do.

Buddha and Bob Marley, an interesting pairing. We saw a lot of cool art, though we didn't buy any or take any pictures.

The Placencia Sidewalk.

The dock at the tip of Placencia.

A big cruise ship in the distance anchored at Harvest Caye.

This giant chair was not there the last time we were in Placencia.

Oli and Amon

This nice boardwalk is new as well.

Amon watched a movie on the drive back to Hopkins.

Later that evening we walked around the village and found some friends playing music at Ella's Cool Spot.

We stopped in for a drink, enjoyed the music, and talked with our friends. It was a great day.

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