Saturday, March 16, 2019

3-16-2018 Trash Cleanup and Hopkins Kite Fest

In the morning Cara participated in a trash cleanup challenge with some friends. She picked a particularly trashy area near
the library (and across the street from the Kite Fest) to clean up. This is a before picture.

After cleanup of Cara's area.

Before picture of the area that Dhalia and her daughter cleaned.

After cleanup picture of Dhalia's area.

We picked up five bags of trash in just one hour!

On the beach across the street the 15th Annual Hopkins Kite Fest went on all day.

Children and adults make their own kites to fly - this one says "One Love", a common phrase heard here in Belize.

Some of the kites are quite large, and pretty!

Some of the kites fly REALLY high. In fact, there is an award for highest flying kite.

Here you can see the One Love kite flying.

It's always fun to watch the kites flying and kids playing, as well as hanging out with friends.

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