Tuesday, March 19, 2019

3-17 to 3-19-2019 Bread and Butter Caye Trip

Our friends Pam and Oli invited us to go out to Bread and Butter Caye for a couple of days with Oli's visiting family.

Some family members took a powerboat (with everyone's luggage) to reach the island, and the rest of us sailed out there on
catamarans. There wasn't much wind at first, but by the time we were ready to leave it had picked up enough to sail. We
went out on our friend Mark's boat (the one in the middle).

It was a beautiful day, and we all reached the island without incident.

Pam's family and several other friends were on the island for a lunch stop on their day trip at sea.

The owners of the island, Duane and Kim (pictured far left), happened to be there as well.

The sweet island dog, Rudy, is much more chill than he used to be.

A stingray came to see what was going on.

Friends Luckie and Cheryl, of Happy Go Luckie Tours, had some luck spear fishing that day.

Their fresh fish made a nice lunch for them.

The stingray hung around to eat the scraps from the fish cleaning.

We didn't bother him, so he didn't bother us.

Tree-climber Khaya.

Oli's brother, Stephan, took Khaya around the island on the paddleboard.

Oli's father, Wolfgang, was ready to party!

After lunch and relaxation the day guests headed back to Hopkins.

After that we had the island to ourselves.

Shortly thereafter our friend Terry arrived on his jet ski.

Oli's father, Wolfgang, and nephew, Jonah.

Nearing sunset on the first day.

The next day Terry took Judy for a ride on his jet ski.

Luckie was back on another tour, and he thought about hopping a ride as well. Lol.

It was another beautiful relaxing day.

In the afternoon several of us decided to sail over to South Water Caye. There was decent wind when we took off, but then it
died, and we never did reach the island.

It was EXTREMELY slow sailing back, and we actually had to paddle most of the way on Mark's boat. We all got back to
Bread and Butter Caye just as the sun was setting. Thankfully, Judy cooked and dinner was ready when we reached.

Good morning sleepy Rudy.

Last breakfast before we left to return to Hopkins.

We had a fantastic time hanging out with old friends, new friends, and Oli's family.

Farewell Bread and Butter Caye - until next time! There was more wind this day for a quick, direct sail back to Hopkins.

After showers we went to our friend Marcia's new restaurant, Cafe Mana, for dinner. This is
Cara's delicious falafel salad.

Eric had the falafel sandwich on a homemade tortilla.

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