Saturday, March 2, 2019

3-2-2019 Drinks & Dinner with Danny & Hilary

We met up with Danny and Hilary at Jaguar Reef on one of their last nights in Belize.

We had a quick happy hour drink and walk around the grounds.

Jaguar Reef has some of the most interesting semi-outdoor bathrooms!

After drinks we went to Chef Rob's for a lovely four-course dinner. This is the refreshing salad with starfruit and berries.

Forgot to get a picture of the soup, but this is one of Cara's favorite vegetarian dishes made especially for her. It's Chef
Rob's version of the Indonesian dish Gado-gado (veggies with a peanut sauce) - this one had lots of yummy hearts of palm.

Tiramisu for dessert - delicious!

We missed the actual soup cook-off fundraiser for the local PTA, but we made it to Windschief for some drumming before
calling it a night.

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