Saturday, March 23, 2019

3-22-2019 The Garifuna Collective Concert

Zero Tolerance and C-Wills started off this concert night right. Mohobub Flores also played as a special guest, but we failed
to get a picture of that.

At about 10pm the Garifuna Collective began their performance. Mohobub played the turtle shells (at far left) because he is
also a member of the band.

There was a nice crowd, and the venue was awesome. Trevor and Tracey have made a lovely spot for music performances at
Miss Tracey's Guest House.

The last time we saw The Garifuna Collective was at last year's Parranda Fest, which, most unfortunately, is not happening
this year. The Garifuna Collective (from nearby Dangriga) has been touring internationally, so it was a treat to see them
perform on their home turf. There are lots of members in the group, and not all were able to make it, but it was still an
incredible performance.

We did manage to get a video of The Garifuna Collective playing their song "Mongulu":

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