Sunday, March 24, 2019

3-24-2019 Davis Falls Trip

Davis Falls is an absolutely incredible waterfall, so anytime we get an invitation to go, we take it. Of course, that means
riding in an orange cart behind a tractor - what fun!

First (and biggest) river crossing.

Our friend John wanted to try this trip in his special, heavy duty Jeep, but he didn't know the way, so he followed behind.

It's sometimes hard to get an even picture in the bouncy trailer.

Second of eight river crossings.

A bridge to the actual parking area has been fixed, so this is the first time we actually got to park there. Sure, it looks like a
parking area, right? Lol.

Down into the jungle for the trail to Davis Falls...

This sign is new - love the quote!!!

Wow - steps cut into the earth! We remember half sliding down this incline last year.

Ok, looks like Awe Jungle Excursions has done some work on this trail.

Hmmm...we know from experience it's NOT "just a bit more" from here.

Hehehe, the signs are a nice addition along the trail.

Ok, now we know we're getting closer, but we're not there quite yet.

Just a bit more again? It depends on your definition of "a bit", we guess.

Bahahahaha! Well, it's good to see that the new tour company that put up the signs has a sense of humor. And yes, we are
almost there this time. 

Out of the jungle now for a bit of bouldering along the creek to reach the waterfall.

The people in the distance give some perspective - Davis Falls is about 500 feet tall!

This is the lovely swimming pool right at the base of the falls. The water is cool and refreshing - perfect after the hike!

A second, lower swimming pool that is nice.

Our friend Siobhan is getting a free water back massage. Cara has done this before and it's exquisite!

Hmmm...we wonder how far back this little cave goes, but we didn't explore it.

After lunch and lots of swimming it was time to head back.

Each little piece of leaf here is being carried by a leaf cutter ant.

Up the earthen staircase...

Oli back at the parking lot.

Mark and Pam back at the parking lot - we made it, yay!

There is always one hill on the way back where everyone must get out to lighten the tractor and trailer so it can make it up.
(This is at the top of that hill.)

It was a full trailer, and everyone had a great time.

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