Thursday, April 11, 2019

4-11-2019 Live Music at Cafe Mana

Our friend Marcia recently opened a lovely little restaurant in Hopkins called Cafe Mana.

It has several nice places to sit and eat or just have a drink. Plus, it's across from the basketball court, so there is usually
some action to watch there as well.

Marcia is now having different kinds of live music on Thursday evenings. 

Cara missed the first music night of Garifuna drumming. However, this evening, while Eric was playing poker, Cara went
and enjoyed the music from Steve Muscarella.
Steve played a really nice mix of old school blues, jazz, soul, and R&B.

There are lots of vegetarian options on the menu, which Cara loves. This time she tried the Beet, Goat Cheese & Walnut
Salad, and it was delicious!!!

Steve is mostly a keyboard player, but he did whip out the guitar for several nice tunes.
The pictures don't show it, but there was a decent crowd that turned out for the music and dinner. It was a great evening with
lots of friends!

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