Saturday, April 13, 2019

4-13-2019 Hopkins PTA Fundraiser Chili Cook-off

Windschief Beach Bar hosted a chili cook-off as a fundraiser for the local school, and lots of people turned out for it.

A friend's daughter decided to sell nachos, and that money was also donated to the PTA.

The school principal got things started a little after 6pm.

Eleven people made and donated chili for the event. A $5 donation let you taste all of them and vote for your favorite. The
chili bowls were only numbered to keep things anonymous and fair.

Steve Muscarella donated his time and energy playing music earlier in the evening.

Tallying up the votes - that's when they looked at the names on the bottom of the bowls to see who made each chili.

Kendra came in first place.
Kendra came in first place and won a night tour from Happy Go Luckie Tours.

Wade came in second place and won dinner for two at Rhum Shack.

Janine came in third and won a gift certificate to Cafe Mana.

Cara made a vegan quinoa and black bean chili and actually got 4 votes (she didn't think she
would get any because everyone expects meat). Cara didn't vote or it would have been 5 votes
and a tie for 4th place - not bad.
DJ Amanda ended the evening with great dance music.

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