Tuesday, April 2, 2019

4-2-2019 Surprise Birthday Party

Martin's girlfriend, Kendra, planned a nice surprise party for him with lots of friends at Windschief Beach Bar. He is in the
process of building another home, so "Construction Caution" was the theme of the party.

Kendra made lots of cute signs for the party.

Amazingly, everyone was super quiet when Kendra walked Martin up to the bar blindfolded. She had driven him all over the
village to confuse him as to the destination. However, he said he had an idea of where he was going because he recognized
the walk through the sand to the bar that he has done so many times. Lol!

People pitched in with lots of good food, but it was gone before we could get a picture of it.

Birthday cake time!

It's hard to light candles with the wind here, but a sparkler worked just fine.

Martin enjoyed some darts with friends.

Kendra and birthday boy Martin, with photo-bombers Marcia and Oli.

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