Friday, April 5, 2019

4-5-2019 House Moving Troubles

We were walking around the village before stopping someplace for dinner, and when we looked down the main street to the
north we wondered why there were fireworks being set off. After a moment we realized it was sparks from a power line that
had been snapped by a house that was being moved on a trailer.

After the sparks stopped one of the movers went over and capped off the line. Unfortunately, they had taken out the power
line to the home of one of our friends. We were told by the many spectators that several cable lines had been taken out along
the way as well. But, the workers had called the cable and power company right away, so that was good, we guess.

The house trimmed this tree a little too.

They had some trouble turning one corner and had to disconnect the trailer.

Here you can see it's actually half a house they were moving from the far north end of the village to the next nearest village
of Sittee River. We were told they had actually started loading the house the day before and moving it that morning.

You can see how the power lines were an issue all through the village.

There were a couple of guys in the rafters with sticks pushing up the lines for the house to
pass under. They also had pieces of aluminum siding along the top for the lines to slide over.

Not an easy job at all!

It took them quite a while to get through the main junction in Hopkins and out to the highway. You can see how much they
had to push up the power lines to get through.

We didn't stay to watch the whole scene, but we knew the reason if more power went out in the village. (Thankfully it didn't.)

It made for a little excitement this evening. Then we realized that it was only half the house being moved, so there might be
more excitement the next day if they moved the other half. Lol!

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