Thursday, June 13, 2019

6-13-2019 Concert on the Canal - Take 3

Yep, we (and our friend, Mark - Annette was busy) rode our bikes downtown to another Concert on the Canal.
This time we enjoyed Pop, R&B and dance music by a band called Living Proof.

The dancing guy at the right is at every show, and he finds different women to dance with him along the Canal. You gotta
love his style, energy and enthusiasm!
Cara and Mark in front of a public art piece downtown on our bike ride.

We weren't quite ready to head home after the concert, so we biked over to Fountain Square. We paused for a moment at The
Idle - A Point of View, which is a cute little park in what would otherwise be wasted space between the Interstates in
downtown Indy. The orange seats (which are now sprinkled around town) were salvaged from the old Hoosier Dome before
it was demolished - yay for reuse!

These gabions also reuse materials from demolitions.

The definition of a gabion, in case you didn't know.

Mark had eaten dinner earlier, but he joined us at Pure Eatery while we had a nice dinner. Eric had Shrimp Kabobs.

Eric's side salad.

Cara had the Southwest Black Bean wrap as a salad - spicy and good.

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