Friday, June 14, 2019

6-14-2019 Bike Party

The second Friday of every month is Bike Party in Indianapolis. Hundreds of people on bicycles of all kinds gather at the
City Market downtown, then take off en masse to ride a designated route, which is different each time.

It's awesome to have so many bikers together, and it's always fun! We get lots of intrigued looks from the people we pass.

There are usually a couple of designated stops along the way.

This time our first stop was in south Indy at Garfield Park to play kickball.

It's fun to walk around and see the various bicycles that are all duded out.

This is obviously a custom bike that drew lots of attention.

Another custom bike, complete with sound system and disco ball in the back!

There weren't as many custom bikes as we've seen before, but the ones we did see were pretty cool.

We made it back downtown to Pan Am Plaza (the final stop) before the rain set in.

We didn't stay here too long because the rain was coming and we wanted to get home - we still had about 10 miles to bike
back to Mark's house.

On our ride home we came across two women on horses.

We have seen this in downtown Austin, Texas before, but never in downtown Indy! Where on earth did these ladies ride from?!

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