Sunday, June 16, 2019

6-16-2019 Father's Day Bike Ride

On this nice Sunday we went for a bike ride with Mark, Annette and their daughter. We made a quick stop here at the
Landmark for Peace Memorial at Martin Luther King Memorial Park.

Apparently, this is where President John F. Kennedy gave a speech to calm the masses in Indianapolis after Martin Luther
King Jr. was assassinated.

We then continued on to the Talbott Street Art Fair. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful art from various vendors, though
none of us bought anything. Well, Cara and Annette found a couple people having garage sales nearby, and they did
purchase a couple of more affordable things there.

After a nice dinner in downtown Indy we headed home. There has been a ton of rain in Indianapolis (and throughout
Indiana) this Spring, and Fall Creek was showing it.

To the left you can see where the river is trying to cut a new channel.

The river was out of its banks.

This is supposed to be the Fall Creek Parkway Trail, but it looks like part of the river here. Fortunately for us, this is right
where we turn off of the trail to head home.

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