Sunday, June 23, 2019

6-20 to 6-22-2019 Haubstadt Sommerfest

We went to the small German-American town where Eric grew up for their annual Sommerfest.

The bierstube is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday is quieter, with mostly locals, but for Friday and
Saturday nights people come from all around the area.

They have a backdrop for photo opportunities.

In another area there are carnival games and rides for the kids.

This is the first "No Weapons" sign we've seen that actually indicates nunchucks, lol!

Saturday morning is the Laufenfest 5K race that generates lots of money for town projects. They even block off the main
road for the event. Eric's brother, Greg, was stationed there to tell any drivers that came up to the blockade how to get

Some people ran with their dogs or their kids in strollers.

Our nephew was running in the race (the short one in the blue shirt), and he wanted his father to play a song for him as he
ran by, so at his station Greg was blasting "Funky Monkey" (on repeat) for Jake. Cara was out there as well, and thought the
song was funny at first, but now would be happy to never hear it again. 

One woman dressed in German garb for the race.

Runners were first, and the walkers were after them.

At the end of the race there was free fruit, water and beer for the runners.

Later that afternoon was the parade, which thankfully did not get rained out.

One float was a scale model display of the new wind turbine that is going in near Eric's brother's house. It's a matter of great
debate (for and against) in the town.

There was a replica of the police car the Blues Brothers used to promote their show in the Blues Brothers movie.

There were a variety of old tractors.

Horseless carriage

Really, almost anybody can be in the parade if they want to.

The shady invention of a friend's father.

The last night of the bierstube is always packed.

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