Sunday, July 14, 2019

7-14-2019 Prius RV

So our car had 270,000  miles on it and was starting to play out.  We decided to get a Prius V which is the largest in the Prius line.  We wanted to see if we could turn this into an RV?

This is an ongoing experiment, but we started the process on Saturday 7-13-2019.  Our friend Mark Wilcher has a nice workshop and we built this prototype out of scrap wood.  It was all completed in 1.5 days. 

We started by removing 2/3 of the back seats

Then we bolted these pieces down to where the seat was

4 bolts and we can remove this whole thing and put the seat back in.  Now you have a nice flat spot.
In the back we wanted to build a frame that was 10.5 inches tall.  That way we can put carry on sized luggage.  There is a natural area in the trunk and this platform got built.
Next we wanted to turn a flat piece of plywood into a flat deck that would cover the whole available area and turn that into one flat spot.  We hinged this so it would all fit in the back.

There it is all folded up in the back.  The back seat is folded back in normal riding position.

There it is all folded out.  It turned into 6 feet 2 inches long

We can put 4 carry on sized luggage underneath

Using regular camping mattress, there it is setup as a bed

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