Monday, July 15, 2019

7-15-2019 Biked to Downtown Indy

There wasn't a whole lot going on, but it was a nice we decided to do what we often do.....Bike Downtown. Mark, Cara, and Eric decided to start things off by heading for some video games at 16 Bit. They have a huge assortment of games and they are all free to play.

This place is new and they really spent a lot of money on the decorations and games

They have a lot of games

They don't serve any food, but you can bring your own food.  As you can see they have a lot of different beers on tap.

It is 2 story

After that we decided to go to Chilly Water Brewery for a snack

This sign marks the entrance to a unique crowd funded park in Indianapolis.  The park overlooks over the point where I-70 and I-69 come together

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