Sunday, July 7, 2019

7-7-2019 Fourth of July party in Brown County

For years and years it has been a tradition to camp out and enjoy the Fourth of July Weekend at our friends in Brown County.  Their Grandfather bought that property a long time ago and it had a small house on it.  Nobody lives there so it attracts trouble makers.  Over the winter somebody robbed them and burnt the house down.  So the official party got cancelled and a few people camped out.

We camped out by the lake

These are the steps down to the lake

They are working on rebuilding the house back to the way it was

So far it is just a basement

We got a lot of rain this year.  A beaver or beavers decided to dam up the spillway.  They raised the level of the lake by several feet.  Their dam was mostly mud with lots of sticks

We started by digging 2 channels to drain the lake over the spillway a little bit

It didn't take long to break through

The flow was pretty strong....stronger than it looks in this picture

With the work done, it was time to go back to relaxing

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