Saturday, September 21, 2019

9-21-2019 Dan's Celebration of Life in Haubstadt

When we returned to Indiana we spent some time with family and friends in Haubstadt. However, the main focus was
preparing for Dan's Celebration of Life there.

A friend put together this wonderful photo tribute to Dan and the most important thing in his
life - his friends and family.

Dan loved the many T-shirts he had collected during his travels. Stephanie and other family members took ones that meant
something to them, and some meaningful ones were made into pillows for several of us. The rest were set out at the event for
his other friends to take in his memory. 

It was a super touching and emotional event. Several people spoke about how he had touched their lives, and, in fact, over
two hundred people showed up for the celebration, including several friends from New York and L.A.! Everyone shared
great and funny stories about Dan. He would have loved it!

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