Saturday, December 21, 2019

12-21-2019 Deep South Farms Tour

We went with some friends to Deep South Organic Farms to buy some products, and the owner, Chris (in the orange shirt),
gave us a tour of his 150 acre farm. There is a separate farm for pigs because he doesn't want their waste to contaminate
anything on this farm. There is also a separate farm for shrimp because they need brackish water.

Some of the young chickens. They are also put in large cages on the grounds every day, and the cages moved around for the
chickens to eat any pests plus fertilize the grounds with their poop. In fact, there is no waste here - everything gets used.

A molly apple tree - they also grow coconut trees, cassava, and much more.

One of the farm dogs in front of a duck pond.

Apparently chickens normally only lay eggs for two years, but these have been laying eggs for over five years because of the
natural food that Chris found to work for them. There are cattle in the fields beyond the chickens.

One of many tilapia ponds. There is no waste here, so even the nutrient rich pond water gets sold to other farms to water
their crops.

The farm is beautiful, especially with the Maya Mountains as a backdrop.


  1. Chris raises great products! What a cool farm. It is for sale, too!
    We really love the spicy fish dip and the eggs.

  2. A portion of the syrup is handled further to deliver maple-sugar sweets.


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