Saturday, February 8, 2020

2-8-2020 Crash Pad Open House

Our friend, Emma (at left), runs a motorcycle rental business in Hopkins called Motorbike Rentals & Alternate Adventures.
To this she has added a hostel with private rooms called Crash Pad Adventure Hostel. This evening she hosted an open
house for people to see what the new Crash Pad business has to offer.

On the great rooftop common area there were drinks, food for sale, and a DJ (Launce) playing nice electronic music.

It was a lovely time gathering with friends and exploring the accommodations.

The private rooms are super cute - small, but very well planned, with all the basic necessities.

There are a few different layouts. This one had a loft bed and a bed on the main level.

The lovely yoga/workout room.

Good job, Emma! You have created a wonderful place to stay in Hopkins.

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