Sunday, March 8, 2020

3-8-2020 Women In Art Festival

On a Sunday afternoon Cara went with several friends to the Women In Art Festival at the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery in
Dangriga. This year's celebration (for International Women's Day) was dedicated to the late Garifuna musician Semiona

We learned about Ms.Semiona Valerio from relatives and heard some of her songs.

We heard very moving poetry from another artist.

Several local artisans had set up tables selling their wares. One woman was selling hair care products made from sustainably
farmed seaweed. Others were selling environmentally friendly cleaning products, hand made jewelry, homemade baked
goods, cassava bread, sahou (a yummy cassava drink), other cassava products, and more.

The woman who read the poem was also selling African inspired clothing and bags. Another woman offered a free short
session of chair yoga. 

An intense, blustery rain came and went several times during the event. Sadly, that likely kept many people from coming to
this nice event.

A ribbon was cut from the door, and we were allowed to enter the gallery. No photos were allowed inside, but there were
beautiful paintings, locally made jams and such, T-shirts, bags, books, music CDs, and incredible needlework pieces that
looked like paintings.

This wonderfully painted building is the art and music studio.

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