Sunday, July 19, 2020

7-19-2020 Surprise Wedding Shower

Our friends, Shelly and Jonathan, were supposed to get married around Easter,
but that got postponed due to the pandemic and resulting quarantine. Now that
things have opened up internally, they have decided to go ahead with the
wedding. So, Shelly's soon to be mother-in-law and some friends organized a
surprise wedding shower/bachelorette party for her.  Everyone was good at
keeping the secret, so she actually was surprised.

The decorations were lovely.

Most ladies brought an appetizer to share, so there was a ton of good food.

One friend made a beautiful cake - pretty darn good for her first such cake ever!

Party favors for the winners of the games we played.

It was a nice group of ladies, and we all had fun.

We are looking forward to the wedding, which is coming right up and will be on a beautiful island.

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