Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6-4 to 6-18-2014 L.A. Baby!!!

We were fortunate enough to spend two full weeks in L.A. with Eric's brother, Dan, and his wife Stephanie.  Of course, everybody worked during the day, but we went out and did something almost every night.  Highlights included: weekend bar-hopping "walkabouts" Dan & Steph in Brentwood and Santa Monica, the O.C. Beer Festival in Anaheim (with Dan & Steph, Steve Lamm & girlfriend Kerby), weekend brunches, a Roast Battle at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, hanging out with our comedian friend Mike Faverman, and lots of biking to and along the beach (Malibu to Hermosa Beach).

The beautiful view Cara enjoyed each morning she did yoga on the guest room balcony.
For our 15th wedding anniversary we biked to Venice Beach and had a delicious dinner at Figtree's Cafe & Grill.
This was the lovely view we enjoyed.
Time lapse video of a sunset over Santa Monica
Mimosas and Sunday Brunch at Bruhaus
The drum circle on Venice Beach starts to form
The drum circle grows
Biking back from Malibu

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