Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9-13-2016 Caye Day with Uncle Bill and Friends

Eric's Uncle Bill came for a last-minute, week-long visit with his friends (and neighbors) Tim and Martha. Some days they did their own thing, and some days we had adventures with them. This day we went out to the cayes with our friend Ivan (a.k.a. Easy Breezy), his uncle and another friend. 

Bill, Tim and Martha were staying where we used to live (because it is now a vacation rental property), and the boat came
right up to their beach - how convenient!

Martha and Tim in the foreground - Easy Breezy at the front of the boat

The sea was like glass when we first took off.

Breezy and gang first took us to their family's island, Wishbone Caye.

We wandered around and explored the island.

They quickly scurried into holes when we approached, but there were HUNDREDS of small crabs running around

This is not the boat that brought us here, but it made for a beautiful picture.

Conch shells galore

Don't know the name of this nearby island, but we went snorkeling and spear fishing not far from here.

While we were in the water we saw a helicopter fly overhead - first one we've seen in Belize.

Then we headed to Bread and Butter Cayes for lunch, relaxing, and more snorkeling.

Breezy cooked up the lobster and fish that the guys caught.

This beautiful male Hooded Warbler hung out with us during our visit. Cara was told he is a sign of cooler weather coming,
and, indeed, Google confirms that he is in his winter grounds.

We hadn't been out to the cayes since Hurricane Earl, but it's clear he wreaked a little havoc out here. The back side of the
island was quite eroded, as you can see.

There used to be a dock here.

This poor cabana is barely hanging on.

There were several people hard at work to restore what Earl took away, so I'm sure this cabana will be saved.

That evening we went to Luba Laruga for dinner and drumming - and dancing too, I guess, since Uncle Bill was finally
persuaded to get out there and get his groove on.

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