Sunday, October 16, 2016

10-16-2016 Sunday Beach Walk

Sunday is often a nice day for a beach walk, and Luba Laruga is usually our first stop.
(By the way, according to the owner, Shannon, Luba Laruga means "before sunset" in Garifuna.)

Luba Laruga is a beautiful spot on the beach with great food and good vibes, and the owner is our friend.

Plus, you never know when you will run into some impromptu drumming - bonus!

The free ranging chickens enjoy the beach as much as we do.

Along the way we heard more drumming at Swinging Armadillo, so we had to pop in. A couple of tourists were getting a
private drumming/cultural lesson. The dancers, seated at the right, were taking a break at this point.

Next stop - Queen Bean...

Queen Bean is another nice beachfront restaurant with good food and great views.

Next stop - Laruni Hati, another nice place where we got a small snack and enjoyed the nice day.

Final stop - Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack, where we had the free entertainment of watching people try to help a guy
get unstuck from the deep sand. Many people gathered and helped dig, put wood planks under the tires, and jack up the
vehicle. Eventually the black truck to the left got a tow strap and was able to pull the stuck vehicle free.

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