Tuesday, September 4, 2018

9-4-2018 Biked downtown and met up with Bob and Annette

This blog post sucks because I didn't get too many pictures.  We biked about 9 miles to south of Downtown Indianapolis to Bob's King's workshop.  He built his own electric bike and he let me test it out.  We then biked several miles to get to the heart of Indianapolis Downtown.  It was Taco Tuesday so we grabbed some dinner.

It never rained on us, but we saw some rain clouds

There is a rainbow in there, but the picture didn't turn out real good

This is a brand new park.  It overlooks the I-69 and I-70 interchange in downtown Indy.  The whole thing was crowd funded and those seats were recycled from the old Baseball Stadium

This is the entrance to the park

Pitcher of Margareta's were on sale

It was taco Tuesday.....2 dollar tacos

more tacos

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