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What this site is all


This site is designed to let our friends and family know about our goings on.  We travel a lot, but we don't really like posting about it on Facebook, so we designed this website to accomplish the same goals.

From 2013 to 2020 we posted to a travel log.  We had a great system for doing a fun travel blog. The problem was that Covid came and we couldn't do anything. During this time Google eliminated some of the functionality of the old blog, so we quit posting. This blog is still online at



The main mission is to develop the easiest possible way to create a Travel Log.  Many different businesses could benefit by creating compelling content simply.

You see all these people taking pictures and videos all the time, but what do they do with them?  Do they ever look at them again?



The Vision for this website is to make it easy for us to document what we are doing.  We want to create something much more compelling than what Facebook or Instagram offers.

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