Friday, August 5, 2016

8-5-2016 Impromptu Beach Wedding

On the Thursday morning following Hurricane Earl, while we were without electricity and just hanging out at Mark's palapa bar, we met a couple from Texas walking the beach. The couple, Jim and Terri, were supposed to get married at Jaguar Reef (a fancy resort) later that afternoon, but the minister was in Belize City and could not make it due to the devastation up there. So, they had a venue, but no minister, and they were trying find one. We tried to find someone local that could marry them, and we did, but then they didn't need him because, unbeknownst to the couple, while they were talking to us the resort was trying to fix things as well. So, Jim and Terri thought they had everything set up to get married the next day, but when they woke up Friday morning the resort cancelled on them, so then they had a minister but no venue. Our friend Dexter, who thought he was going to be the (acting, not official) minister on Thursday, ended up being a fantastic wedding planner on Friday. Since we helped, we all got invited to the wedding.  :)

The wedding ended up being held at Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack, which turned out to be perfect.

Dexter had Rastaman (a local artist/craftsman) and Sonny (who works at Driftwood) help him get things set up. They laid out
dried coconuts to make an aisle, and they made four beautiful arches out of coconut palm fronds. The woman who made the
bouquet picked flowers from her garden to decorate the arches as well.

Wedding planners and wedding party

The bride, Terri, and "her girls"

The bride getting walked down the aisle

The minister was able to make it from Belize City to officially marry them.

A local dog didn't realize he wasn't invited to the wedding, and he butted right in.

More dogs joined the wedding party.

Exchange of vows and wedding rings

Newlyweds Terri and Jim

The guys (including the locals who made the wedding happen: Rastaman, Dexter and Sonny)

The ladies

The bride with Kim, the woman who made the bouquet

Dexter with the happy couple

Local drummers were hired for the evening's entertainment - a nice touch.

It was a beautiful wedding and a very fun night!
Congratulations Jim and Terri!!!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

P.S. Thanks to our friend Mark for letting us use some of his pictures in this post.

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