Sunday, August 7, 2016

8-7-2016 104 Turtles hatched

Today was a strange day and thus there are two posts for this day.  After the heat went out of the sun at about 4:30 we walked into the village.  Soon Sabrina called and said the turtles were coming out.  They had been laid on Fathers day and we have a post about that on this blog.

When we got there many turtles had been collected in this cooler.  The experts told us that they need some time to regroup before setting out on their ocean life.

You can never get a good picture because they are wriggling like mad

Cute little guy

The mother was as big as a kitchen table!

People were digging them out and handing them off

Most of them hatched and there was a pile of egg shells

Everybody took a turn at digging

We dug and dug into the night

Then we released them by the sea

They all took off right for the sea!

Good luck with a long life little turtles

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