Wednesday, October 3, 2018

9-30-2018 to 10-3-2018 Traverse City Michigan

For our birthdays we always take a couple of slow days in Traverse City.   Both of our birthdays are about a week apart.

After 4 nights of camping in the cold it is nice to clean up a little bit.  This is a Howard Johnsons.

We got settled and then decided to walk around Traverse City.  There are a couple of streams that go into lake Michigan at Traverse City and this was the home to a million birds.

Traverse City has a lot going on.  Tons of restaurants

These are all of the Hiking Trails around Traverse City

This looked like it would be fun if it were a little warmer

I can imagine that this place would be full of boats in the summer time.

We found a pinball place :)

Traverse City is known for it's extensive bike trails.  This piece of art is typical of the city.

This is the breakwall on Lake Michigan for the little Harbor here in Traverse City

It is fun to poke around and look at the boats...This is an old wooden sailboat that they do classes on.

This is super close to lake michigan

Calm and cold and misty

Cool playground!

This was a very energetic band playing blues guitar

We just happened upon this band....there is a lot of live music in Traverse City

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