Saturday, April 11, 2020

4-11-2020 Nationwide Quarantine in Belize

It was indeed 5 am to 8 am (only 3 hours each day) that one was allowed to go out to exercise. We have been naturally
getting up earlier anyway, so we have been taking advantage of that and taking walks. Cara even met up with a friend one
morning for an appropriately socially distanced walk on the beach. 

The walk was nice, but it was weird seeing the resorts all closed up and nobody out on the beach. 

However, as of this morning, and as a result of mapping exercises, there are now 13 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Belize, and two of those infected have died. Three of the new cases were found as a result of the mapping exercises, and all three of those people were asymptomatic. So, starting at 8 pm tonight the entire country is under a 14 day quarantine (by law). That means no traveling between districts is allowed. All transportation (buses, taxis, etc.) throughout the country has been suspended. No take out or delivery is allowed anywhere  The only reason anyone can be outside now (between 5 am and 8 pm) is to get groceries, go to the pharmacy, get fuel for your personal vehicle, or go to a bank, and all of these businesses have very limited hours. Again, people found violating these laws are subject to arrest. Naturally, we are staying inside.

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