Tuesday, April 14, 2020

4-14-2020 Covid-19 and Quarantine Update for Belize

So, there was initially some conflicting information out there about what exactly the quarantine (now extended from 14 to 21 days) meant. At first, it looked like people were not allowed to exercise by walking, jogging or running in the mornings anymore. However, that appears to be false. Yay - we enjoy and need our morning walks (for exercise, sanity and vitamin D)! It also appears that take-out and delivery from restaurants is allowed, although we aren't using that convenience, and most are closed in our village anyway. The buses have indeed stopped running, and there is no traveling between districts and cities/towns/villages except for very limited reasons and workers.

There are lots of regulations about which businesses can be open and when, but that doesn't really affect us much. However, on Sundays almost everything is shut down now - no stores are open, and you basically can't be outside your yard unless it's an emergency. That's fine - we can handle one day a week with no walk.

As of yesterday, there are now 18 confirmed cases in Belize. Basically, there were 3 cases imported from
the U.S. by citizens returning to Belize. The rest of the cases were acquired through contact with these
initial infected. This nice graphic shows the status of testing and cases in Belize's 6 districts. (We are in
the district second from the bottom on the right, with 23 negative tests and 0 positive tests). This is in a
country with a population of a little under 400,000.

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