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5-22-2024 South Bend Indiana

It was a beautiful day and we had some stuff to do in the area, so we decided to head off to South Bend and bike around. South Bend is home to Notre Dame and is the 5th biggest city in Indiana with a population of 103,395. South Bend used to get a lot of river power and was an industrial town that built cars and stuff. It is a beautiful city with a lot of character.

We found a great parking spot by a coffee shop and the trails

The river is decent sized and has a dam

This is the opening for the East Race Waterway part that is the engineered whitewater course. It is off to the right side of the river.
We could see them messing with the flow levels so we stopped to check it out.
They have submerged a car for training in swiftwater rescue. They can vary the speed of the current with gates that control the river flow.
I have no idea how they got the car in there or how they plan on getting it out, but taxpayer dollars will pay for it anyway so who cares.
There were some young people there getting trained on how to rescue people that get separated from their boats.
Here comes a floating kid. I thought the water was cold, but I guess when you are young then things are different.
This is an old factory, we are on a bridge over the East Race Waterway.

The Trail followed the rivers and was very nice. As you can see it was a nice day out. Temp was about 78

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