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5-23-2024 Potato Creek State Park then Purdue University

We stayed in South Bend overnight then got up early and went to Potato Creek State Park. We spent most of the day documenting all aspects of the park with photographs. They are in the process of building a 120 million dollar Inn at the State Park. They are doing the groundwork for it now. It will be many years before it is complete. These photographs are going to be used to build a Potato Creek State Park website.

Potato Creek State Park has a pretty big lake that is electric only

2 Ospreys in the nest. We couldn't see what they were doing

Lots of nice trails and overlooks

Purdue is about 1 hour south of Potato Creek. We rolled into West Lafayette at about 6 PM.

Eric went to Purdue 40 years ago. A lot has changed since then. So much that it was hard to recognize. If you have ever played sim city, it was a lot like that. Houses replaced by high rises.

Purdue is a unique and beautiful campus. Quoting from Purdue's website, "Today, Purdue University is one of the largest universities in the nation. Purdue's West Lafayette campus covers nearly 2,500 acres with more than 160 major buildings including academic and residential complexes." 2,500 acres is about 4 square miles. Purdue is all together as a big block There are no cars allowed and parking is on the perimeters. Instead they have bike roads throughout campus.

This used to be a fountain with a big pool of water. Once a month people put soap in it and made it all foamy. This is much more modern looking.

This is where Eric's dorm was for 2 years. It is 8 floors for guys then a twin building that is 8 stories of girls.

This used to be a car bridge, but now it is a pedestrian bridge.

The Wabash River is big and over 400 miles long

This is a view of Lafayette. Purdue is in West Lafayette and the Wabash divides the 2.

To the left is the XXX restaurant which gets featured all the time on the food channel. In reality it is just an unchanged old school diner. Breakfast is served 24/7.

Yelp and Google Maps guided us to a GREAT pizza place.

It was a full moon night

The video above is of where Eric lived for 2 years. It used to be the big building on the block and was brand new in 1986. Now it is a tiny stone building to the right of the high rise.

The weather was great and we biked all around Campus checking everything out.

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