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6/10/2024 - 6-11-2024 - Madison Wisconsin Bike Trip and visit with Eric's Uncle

We woke up and all met up at Cara's Dad's house and hung out for a while. Then we went and had some lunch. Cara's brother had a long trip home and they had to work. We headed north to Madison Wisconsin.

Eric's mom's oldest brother lives in Madison and it is always on the top 5 list in bikable cities. The weather forecast looked good so we gave it a shot.

We created 2 little videos that show our bike trips and some highlight pictures. I added them in different dimensions to see how they work on mobile and all of that. We are getting used to this program and how to use it so stay tuned.

Madison has 2 large lakes right there in the middle of town. That helps them get that title of the most bikable city in the US

All the trails we went on were super nice like this with plenty of room for everybody

Lots of great views

This guy says he does this all the time. He has this dinky little blow up boat that looks like it would be used if you want to backpack into a lake somewhere. he takes his bike with him and says there is plenty of room.

cool old bridge that is just used for people and bikes now

we wondered what this was used for back in the day or if they had just built it for this bike trail. It looked too narrow for cars and trucks.

We found this cool bar and relaxed for a few

lots and lots of public art

I always love it anytime I see these monkeys

The trail had a scale replica of our solar system. In other words they scaled the solar system to the trail and had plaques for the planets where they would be if you scaled the solar system to the trail

I had never seen one of is a vending machine where you can get medicine to save people that are overdosing on drugs

The moon was pretty, but pictures never turn out as good as it looks with your eyes

Madison is a college town and there were a lot of restaurants and bars

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin

At the restaurant we went to, you had to get a token from the cashier then put it in here. Long ago these were installed in bathrooms all over America. You put coins in there so you had to pay to use the bathroom. We know the son of the inventor of this useful device!

We had dinner with Eric's Uncle and his Wife.

He had a nice backyard with lots of animals running around all the time

We ended up leaving after dinner and drove all the way back to Indiana and got home about 1:30 in the morning

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