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6/14/2024 - Friday - Indianapolis Bike Party

This is a super fun event. On the second Friday of each month whoever feels like it meets in Downtown Indianapolis at about 7 pm. Then we all head out for a trip around Indy until about midnight. It is always an interesting experience. We try to make as many of these rides as we can.

We met at 7 at Obelisk park in Indianapolis. That is our long time friend, Jay, who we basically only see at bike party these days

This shows a fraction of the people that chose to ride on this lovely evening

It is a casual ride with 3 or 4 long breaks. This break spot happened to be on an old freeway onramp that is no longer used

The USA Olympic swimming qualifications happened to be going on in Indianapolis during this time. Since the Olympics are going to be in France, they decided to build a little Eiffel Tower. We swarmed them.

There were a lot of bikers and the ride went until midnight or so.

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