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6/16/2024 - Sunday - Biking to see the USA Olympic trials

Everybody was busy, but it was a really beautiful day. The day before we had biked past the USA Olympic Trials and there was a lot going on. We decided to go back and stop and check it out.

They have been redoing the interstates in downtown Indianapolis for years. We couldnt figure out what this is going to end up being, but it made for a nice cool spot to hang out and figure out what to do

There is a sushi chain that is really good....the name is Sushi Boss

This is a statue of John Wooden who grew up in Indiana and won 10 national championships in 12 years coaching UCLA. He is considered the best coach of all time!

You will almost always see a picture of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This year they made it pedestrian only and there is always something interesting going on there these days.

This is the Shriners building and it is interesting and unique.

The bike trail takes you past the White River and there are a bunch of benches and areas to hang out there

This was the centerpoint of the festivities at the Olympic Swimming trials.

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