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6/19/2024 - Wednesday - Bike ride in the Indiana countryside

During the day we tried to catch up on work. It was a nice day, so we decided to do a bike ride through the area that Eric grew up in. It was a very interesting ride. Ironically we ended up getting chased for a mile by a dog very similar to the one that Eric had as a kid. In the country, people often let their dogs run free.

Eric had 2 dogs and he would talk about how large organized bike rides would go by his house growing up. The first people peaked the dogs interest and they would run down to the road. Then more and more bikes would be coming and soon the dogs had surrounded a biker and they would stop. Now everybody is stopping and Eric would have to go down to the road and reassure the riders that the dogs wouldn't bite. They were from the city and no dogs are loose, so they would be annoyed.

Well the exact same thing happened to us on this ride. The dog didn't seem like it was going to bite, but it was running 25 miles an hour within biting range of the bike and barking like crazy. It was pretty funny.

Before we left we had to take care of Eric's brother Greg's dog.

This picture was taken while we were riding and turned out wonky. It seemed sort of cool though so we included it.

The 3 day Sommerfest started the next day. The vendors were coming in to setup for the hungry people to come

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