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6-2-2024 Met Steve for Lunch in DT Indy

We left at about 11 AM to bike downtown to meet Eric's college friend Steve for lunch. Unfortunately, we are getting back in the swing of things and forgot to take some critical pictures. We used to naturally get all of the pics we needed back when we actively did a travel log for 7 years. Rust developed during the 4 years we took off.....nevertheless we did get some pics to document the day.

The day was sort of cloudy, but not rainy. We just messed around and enjoyed Indianapolis.

We met Steve and Lisa in Downtown Indy at Café Patachou. It was really good!

We stumbled upon a Gay Market. Indianapolis was a planned capital city and is laid out in squares. This is a picture of monument circle and is the center of Indianapolis. This year they have turned this into pedestrian only.

Everybody was having a good time

The capital building is always an impressive sight

Of course we had to stop for some pinball action!

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